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Cat-2 : Humanities and Language Arts Research
2-01 Of "good individuals" and "useful citizens"? A corpus-based analysis of Singapore school song lyrics, mission, vision and values statements
2-02 "Of Oppas and Flower-Boys" An analysis of Vulnerability and Masculinity in BTS
2-03 A Study of Post-postmodernism in Marvel's Black Panther and Endgame
2-04 The portrayal of New Tortured Masculinity in The Bourne Film Series  
2-05 An analysis into the transformation of Britain‘s politics- from being a major part of the EU into Brexit being imminent
2-06 Gender Performativity in Ryan Murphy's Pose
2-07 What Drives Motivation for Marine Conservation? Analysing the Factors causing Singaporeans to Develop Interest for Local Marine Conservation
2-08 Analysis of Heroism in 1917
2-09 Analysis of how Singlish is used as a political tool
2-10 Analysis of the Portrayal of Terrorism in the western media
2-11 Analysis of United Kingdom general elections using the functional theory of political discourse
2-12 Deconstructing Black Mirror: Unmasking the Portraits of the Self through the Darkened Screen
2-13 "How Dare You!"
2-14 Qualitative Analysis of the success of the KidSTART initiative
2-15 Do we still remember the ingredients of the Rojak? A comparison of cultural conservation efforts in Singapore.
2-16 Ethics of Pre-Emptive War: Is the Just War Theory Sufficient in Justifying Pre-Emptive War?
2-17 Deus Et Machina
2-18 Hong Kong
2-19 A Study on the Effectiveness of Green Spaces in Mitigating Urban Heat Island Effect in Jurong 
2-20 Assessment of Light Pollution in Clementi and Shenton Way
2-21 Ignored, but unforgotten
2-22 Investigating in-group–out-group bias in media portrayal of Hong Kong protests through Corpus-based Critical Discourse Analysis
2-23 Linguistics Research On Chess Terminology
2-24 More than a Toy:An Analysis of Woody's Character Development  in Toy Story
2-25 Novel ways to die: “Death of the Author” and Anthony Horowitz’s “Detective Hawthorne Series”
2-26 The Devil is in the Details: A Psychoanalytic Criticism of the Anti-Hero in Netflix TV series Lucifer
2-27 Railpolitik: An Analysis of Railway Developmeny in the Belt and Road Initiative on Sino-Eurasia Integration
2-28 Social Inequality in singapore
2-29 An Analysis of Linguistic Creativity in Crazy Rich Asians
2-30 The AcaDAMNy Awards: A study of the politics and prejudice of the Oscar
2-31 The Postmodern Princess: An Analysis of Lana Del Rey's "Tropico"
2-32 Tourism in Singapore
2-33 Propaganda in Soviet Classical Music: Engendering Patriotism or Enabling Dissension?
2-34 Investigating the underlying factors for the Hong Kong protests (2019-2020).
2-35Your Name: The Sequel





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