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Cat-8 : Mathematics
8-01 Spirals into Finals
8-02 The Bigger The Better
8-03 InvestaMatics - The Math Behind Investing
8-04 How to Win in Japanese Mahjong
8-05 Traffic optimisation of the Bukit Timah Road Region
8-06 Modifying the Pythagorean Theorem
8-07 Light Links
8-08 The dollar auction
8-09 Squaring the Plane
8-10 Towering Ports
8-11 Optimizing Traffic - A study on Singapore's traffic flow.
8-12Ramsey's Game
8-13 The Undergraduate's Dilemma
8-14 Mancala
8-15 The Key to Optimization
8-16 Merton's Black Sc-Holes
8-17 Divide and Conquer
8-18 Tic-Tac-Toe To The Third Dimension
8-19 How to get NIM-ble
8-20 Speedrunning Tower Of Hanoi with Maths
8-21 Strike it out
8-22 The Moon and the Sixpence: Mathematics behind Coins
8-23Chess: Dissected
8-24Math pw
8-25Lights Out! Extension
8-26Poker Probability
8-27Charing Ahead
8-28The Amazing Math behind Unit Fractions
8-29Multi-Dimensional Mystery
8-30Cornering Corners
8-33Earthquake Earthquake
8-34A case study on the Golden Ratio





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