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Cat-2 : Humanities and Language Arts Research
2A-01 An Analysis of How Singapore's Perception of Sports Impacts the Development of High Performing Youth Athletes
2A-02 Singaporean General Election 2020 (GE2020) - A Corpus-based Analysis of Conceptual Metaphors in People's Action Party (PAP) and Opposition Party Speeches
2A-03 Black Mirror: Behind the Screen
2A-04 Small Country, Big Success?
2A-05 A study of the American Civil War using the historical institutionalism framework
2A-06 CCP & Nazi Germany: A Comparative Analysis
2A-07 Communication as Struggle: An Analysis of "A Silent Voice"
2A-08 Advocacy or Exploitation?: Body Positivity in Lizzo's Works
2A-09 American Exceptionalism
2A-10 Network Governance: An analysis of the Thai Monarchy and factors leading to anti-monarchical protests
2A-11 An analysis and comparison of the societal perception of working women as presented by the two films "The Devil Wears Prada" and "The Intern" by using psychoanalytic film theory
2A-12 A Look Back on Trump’s Presidency: Was he more of a Nationalist or a Fascist?
2A-13 (Art)ficial Intelligence: A Study on the Theoretical Foundations of Copyright Law and the Copyright Protection of Machine Creativity
2A-14 A study of national identity:How Hollywood portrays Singapore
2A-15 “Authentically Chinese”: Critiquing cultural misrepresentation of Chinese culture in Disney’s Mulan(2020)
2A-16 Evaluation of coastal protection measures in East Coast Park
2A-17 Music Production and Consumption in Singapore: The 21st Century Singapore Popular Music (Spop) and the “Local Identity”
2A-18 Is Imperialism Relevant Today
2A-19 Investigating the Effects that the Singaporean Treatment and Perspective of the Creative Arts has on Artists’ Identity
2A-20 Past and Present: A historical timeline of Korea-Japan politics and militancy
2A-21 A study on food security in Singapore and measures required to ensure sufficient food
2A-22 “La Resistance”: A Marxist Reading of Netflix’s “Money Heist”
2A-23 Femininity versus Feminism in Legally Blonde: The Musical
2A-24 An analysis of Mukbang and its romantisation of unhealthy eating behaviours.
2A-25 Difference in the eye of the Labeller
2A-26 A comparative analysis of Django Unchained and 12 Years a Slave" to "An analysis of Space in Adam Cadre's 'Photopia'
2A-27 The Growing Demand for Alternative Voices in Politics and the PAP's decline
2A-28 Qualitative analysis and comparison of urban transportation systems in East Asia over the course of their development.
2A-29 The Potentials and Perceptions of a Digitally Enhanced Tourism Industry in Singapore
2A-30 Nile River Conflict - Peace from Democracy?
2A-31 The Potentials and Perceptions of a Digitally Enhanced Tourism Industry in Singapore
2A-32 Analysis of Princess Mononoke
2A-33 Dreams and memories: An analysis of psychological phenomena as seen in Christopher Nolan's Memento (2000) and inception (2010)
2A-34 How social protest is displayed through humour in sitcoms
2A-35Feminist analysis of the "dumb blonde" figure in "legally blonde" and "gentlemen prefer blondes"
2A-36Why So Serious? A Psychoanalytic Criticism of Batman in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy
2A-37Analysis of humanity vs system in the John Wick film series to sustain viewer interest
2A-38The heroic in the helpless: A naturalist analysis on heroism presented in Hacksaw Ridge
2A-39Curiosity and exploration in Bradbury's the illustrated Man
2A-40What does your language mean to me? A sociolinguistic study of the effects of French and German in the Singaporean commerical register
2A-41A Feminist and Structuralist Study of Ariana Grande's "thank u, next"
2A-42The Light at the end of the Tunnel: An Analysis of The Testaments
2A-43To kill the hate: an analysis of racism over the last century in american literature
2A-44Analysis on the civil rights movement
2A-45A study of the unconscious mind: A psychoanalysis of Tyler Durden and The Narrator from Fight Club
2A-46Portrayal of grief and loss in Disney movies - Up and Bambi
2B-01American History: Exploring Conflict through poetic forms
2B-02Project Exploratorem
2B-04Decaying lease of HDB flats





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