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Cat-11 : Engineering Science
11-01 Design & Fabrication of a Token for HCI Guests of Honour
11-02 Towards a sustainable green campus: Rainwater harvesting
11-03 Chromium Reduced Schiff Bases
11-04 reduction of vortex drag through wing design for better efficiency of low speed gliders
11-05 Investigating the thermal expansion coefficient for metals
11-06 Science Toy for Open House 2022
11-07 Automata
11-09 Developing a sustainable and semi-automated agricultural system
11-10 Analysis of advanced movement and flow on the badminton court
11-11 Titan 4.0
11-12 Optimisation simulation of particle interaction in controlled nuclear fusion research
11-13 Evaluating the Environmental Sustainability of the Cold-Chain Trabsporation and Storage of Different Covid-19 Vaccines by Life Cycle Analysis





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