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Cat-10 : Future Trends
10-01 Telemedicine
10-02 Future Trends
10-03 Envisioning Education with the integration of Digital Technology in the Post-Pandemic World
10-04 How retail has been reshaped by the covid-19 pandemic
10-05 The Future Trends Team (Coffee shops and Hawker centres)
10-06 The End is Far
10-07 The Futurists
10-08 Project Styline
10-09 Project Proteus
10-10 The Futurists
10-11 The post pandemic world whats ahead
10-12 Healthcare in a post-pandemic world
10-13 Post covid efffecton essential and non-essential industries
10-14 Our World 5 Years from now
10-15 Effects of technology on post-pandemic education
10-16 Covid effect after 10  years -does the impact stil remain?
10-17 Project Radiant
10-18 The Retail Industry After Covid 19
10-19 Tourism: Will it Survive?
10-20 The Future of F&B
10-21 Project AIR
10-22 Covid 19:A cause for change
10-23 Post Pandemic World in 5 Years Time
10-24 Rejuvenating Changi; THe future of air travel
10-25 Tourist 3
10-26 Post-pandemic Health
10-27 Travelling into the Unknown
10-28 Project Education
10-29 Project Tailor-Made
10-30 Post-pandemic normal in the delivery industry
10-31 The Post-pandemic world
10-32 Synthetic Food





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