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Cat-8 : Mathematics
8-01 2020 Math Project
8-02 24 Game -- Probability of getting a set of numbers that can be formed into an equation with result 24
8-03 When knights meet
8-04 Chopsticks!
8-05 Dominating Domineering
8-06 Behind the scenes of blackjack
8-07 Functional Equations with Permutations of Finite Order
8-08 Golden Ratio
8-09 Dot Dot Line Sudoku
8-10 Lights Out!
8-11 Magic of Fibonacci sequence
8-12Cannibals and couples
8-13 Cats on hot bricks
8-14 Timetable scheduling using graph theory and genetic algorithm
8-15 Plague Inc: mathematical model of contagion
8-16 Untangled-Discovering planarity
8-17 Every little drop counts
8-18 The Impact of Climate Change on Singapore’s Future Electricity Demand Based on a Multivariate Approach
8-19 Pyramids
8-20 Research on Fox and Sheep game.
8-21 Rubik's Cube Study
8-22 Sentimental and statistical analysis of impact of online economic forums on market movements
8-23Tents and Trees Puzzle
8-24The Math Behind Mancala
8-25The math behind scaffolding
8-26Sharing isn't caring
8-27The Wheels of Life
8-28Using Machine Learning to Predict Drug-Drug Interactions
8-29Optimisation of water systems





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