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Cat-11 : Engineering Science
11-01 Developing a Sustainable Aeroponic Algal Biofilm Vertical System
11-02 All-metal Reflectarray Antenna Design
11-03 Automata
11-04 Converting dead leaves to fertilisers in the most efficient way
11-05 Design and fabrication of a token for HCI guests
11-06 Development of a Science Exhibit
11-07 Feasibility study to mitigate the problem of congested utility lines within carriageway
11-08 Investigating the antibacterial effect of traditional remedies
11-09 Investigating uses of Alginate compounds sourced from local seaweeds.
11-10 Michelson Interferometer
11-11 Project IReye: App Development for Data Transmission
11-12 Rainwater Harvesting
11-13 Underwater Research, Inspection, and Maintenance using Remotely Operated Submersible with Modular Toolsets





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