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Cat-10 : Future Trends
10-01 AI: Code of Law
10-02 Project Determined Freedom
10-03 Project Datasight
10-04 Is Our Personal Data Really Personal?
10-05 AI and Gaming - What's in store for us?
10-06 Project Conation
10-07 Technology: Friend or foe?
10-08 Future Trends
10-09 Curated life: Its impact on today's age of Social Media
10-10 The impact of social media - FOMO
10-11 AI in fastfood joints and restaurants
10-12 Futurists 2.0
10-13 Manipulation of Big Data in social media: how will it restrict youths' free will
10-14 Project Veritas
10-15 Does big data in social media affect our freewill of keeping our own privacy?
10-16 Searching behind the search engine
10-17 FutureMinds 3.0
10-18 Freedom Is Ours
10-19 Project Data Divide
10-20 Connecting Curations
10-21 How social media affects tour agencies
10-22 Project Calypso
10-23 Future Trends - curation of online information
10-24 My cup of tea
10-25 We've been controlled - the taxi drivers
10-26 Big Brother Realized: Big Data and Free Will
10-27 Project car-ing for the future
10-28 E-Commerce
10-29 Future Trends Project Work
10-30 Data-Paired
10-31 Exploring the correlations between our “curated” life & the education industry
10-32 FOMO in social media--impacts and possible solutions to this phenomenon
10-33 Project Crypto
10-34 Future Trends - Online payment systems





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