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Cat-2 : Humanities and Language Arts Research
2-01 Investigating the Iranian and Zapatista Revolutions with the Youth Bulge Theory
2-02 Analysis of the Portrayal of Women in The Power and The Handmaid's Tale and their effects on feminism
2-03 An Analysis of the Representation of Geopolitical Conflicts on Wikipedia
2-04 An analysis of why and how literary texts portray classical music
2-05 A New Historicist Analysis of Suits: The Intricacies of Mentorship
2-06 The Prospects of Singapore-Malaysia relations: A Game-Theoretic Evaluation of Past Conflicts
2-07 A Comparative Analysis of "Face" in Singaporean Literature
2-08 Star-Crossed Lovers in Bollywood: Religion and Romance in Bajirao Mastani and Padmaavat
2-09 Analysing the works of Hayao Miyazaki
2-10 An Analysis of the development of democracy governance in Singapore, Taiwan and Myanmar
2-11 The Evolution of the Abject in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
2-12 Singapore's Place in the Sino-American "Love Triangle"
2-13 Subject-Based Banding(SBB): The Possibilities Ahead
2-14 An Analysis of Refugee Movements Across the European Union in the European Refugee Crisis
2-15 Anaysis of why people are radicalised in the Middle East and Asia
2-16 Doing It Justice - An analysis of the conflicting ethical values between Iron Man, Captain America and Thanos in both Avengers: Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War
2-17 A study of the differences in the media's perception of Obama and Trump, and how their interactions with the media infleunce it
2-18 The reasons for the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
2-19 The Internet's Impact on the English Language
2-20 Spiraling into fear: An analysis of horror in Uzumaki
2-21 An Analysis of Porpentine's With Those We Love Alive
2-22 Inequality in Education: Investigating how wealth inequality has led to an increasingly stratified education in Singapore
2-23 A Corpus Based Study of Masculinity in Crisis Portrayed in Fight Club (1999) and Trainspotting (1996)
2-24 Food Delivery: Users' Perceptions
2-25 An Analysis of Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and Drake's Music based on Objectification (in Social and Visual Mediums)
2-26 Analysing how Social Paradigms Shape the Portrayl of Marvel and DC Villains
2-27 A Study of the Asian LGBTQ Genre
2-28 Propaganda and how it shaped WWII
2-29 Phoniness: The Capitalist "Adulteration" of Authenticity in Catcher
2-30 A Cyberpunk Reading of Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira
2-31 Comparison of the impact of childhood trauma on adulthood in Japanese culture versus Western culture
2-32 BBC's Sherlock: Closing the Case
2-33 Of Unnies and Noonas Unpacking the Female Kpop Persona in Twice
2-34 The juxtaposition between the "ideal ego" and the "abject" in the Harry Potter films: An Analysis





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