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Cat-11 : Engineering Science
11-01 Difference between buckwheat and banana in ability to improve sports performance
11-02 Crystal Engineering for Visible Light Filter
11-03 Bioenginnering Brochosomes as the future of Superhydrophobic coatings
11-04 Project Lifesaver
11-05 Deployment of offshore floating solar system
11-06 Tele-rehab for Parkinson Disease
11-07 Glascene - On and Beyond
11-08 Education through Mixed Reality
11-10 Using the capability of mantis shrimp eyes for medical imaging
11-11 Diruthenium complexes for Bio-imaging
11-12 Token for School's Guest of Honour
11-13 Comparing the effectiveness of drinking beetroot and pomegranate juice for cardiovascular enduance
11-14 Tele-rehab for Dysphagia
11-15 Automaton
11-16 Augmented Reality for Science Exhibit
11-17 Mapping of unknown environments with an autonomous drone swarm
11-18 Token for HCI SRC
11-19 Deployment of Offshore Floating Solar System
11-20 Alteration of Arabidopsis thaliana gene using CRISPR/Cas9 to establish a thigmonastic defence mechanism for conservation of biodiversity
11-21 Advanced hydration plan
11-22 Evaluation of the effectiveness of the M4 Coirtex processor and Kinovea - through the analysis of Long Jump
11-23 Green Power bank





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