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Cat-2 : Humanities and Language Arts Research
2-01 13 Reasons Why Not
2-02 Media Portrayal of China
2-03 Education: Exploring the Effects of Parentocracy on the Mental Well Being of Students
2-04 miGrant Dreams
2-05 Spirited Away: An Untold Perspective
2-06 The Portrayal of Utopia and A Perfect Society in The Giver
2-07 Comparison on the portrayal of antagonists and protagonists in Spiderman Films
2-08 Ah Boys To Men & Army Daze: A Longitudinal Study of the Portrayal of National Service using the Ideological State Apparatus
2-09 An Analysis of Assassination Classroom: Lessons in Education
2-10 An analysis of why the DPRK is unlikely to wage war
2-11 An Examination of "Marvel's Jessica Jones" as an Accurate Portrayal of Victims of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
2-12 Are American Youths Flocking to Terrorism Groups because of Isolation ?
2-13 US Intenions in Joining in the Fight Against Terrorism
2-14 Comparison and Analysis of the portrayal of justice in Death Note and Psycho Pass
2-15 Evolution of Gender Stereotypes in Disney in different eras
2-16 A Study of the Evolution of Heroism through Films
2-17 Exploring the Theme of Immigration in Lin-Manuel Miranda's Musicals
2-18 Intersectionality in Jennie Livingston's Paris is Burning
2-19 Investigating The Effects of Film and Music on Society
2-20 Magic Realism in Hayao Miyazaki Films
2-21 Magical Realism in the Work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez Through the Lens of Postcolonial Theory
2-22 Project ReWrite
2-23 Resolving the Korean Crisis: Perspectives from the North and South
2-24 Rethinking genocides: A study of the Armenian Massacre
2-25 Superwomen at home: An insight into the differing roles of both parentss
2-26 The Evolution of Autism's Portrayal in Hollywood Films
2-27 The Evolution of Racism in Movies
2-28 The Lighter Shade of Black: A Jungian approach on the Romanticization of Villainy in House of Cards
2-29 Urban Space and Identity
2-30 What the Dickens?! A deconstructive reading of Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield
2-31 Family Treasure, Treasure of Family
2-33 The Portrayal of Blacks in American Gangster VS Black Panther





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