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Cat-11 : Engineering Science
11-01 100 Anniversary Gift
11-02 Design and building a ramp for school canteen vendors
11-03 Don't Freeze
11-04 EXO-Smart
11-05 Soft Robotics
11-06 Visual Summarization of Stories
11-07 Microsphere-based Optical Nanoscope
11-08 Microwave-assisted synthesis of molybdenum carbonyl complexes with pyridine-based ligands
11-09 Modular Floating Structure for Multi-Purpose Floating Structure
11-10 Origami-inspired Satellite Dish
11-11 Push Up Exercise Counter
11-12 SMART Glass
11-13 Aerofoils For Morphing Wings
11-14 Blackwater Filtration
11-15 Evaluating the plausibility of mass-producing an electrostatic headphone at a lower cost to reduce hearing loss and preserve existing hearing.
11-16 Fluorescent molecules with bioimaging potential





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