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Cat-2 : Humanities and Language Arts Research
2-01 A Study on Comics
2-02 The Fault In Our A*s
2-03 Laced
2-04 Study and research of Human Psychology and Human Behaviour
2-05 Populism: A Step Forward or Backward?
2-06 Male Chauvinism in Movies
2-07 The Analysis Of Lyrics In Eminem's Raps
2-08 Girls On Fire
2-09 The American Dream or Nightmare?
2-10 The effect of European languages in Singaporean shop signs affect on consumer perception
2-11 MARVEL VS DC Comics: Analysing the Evolution of Superheroes in Films (Over time)
2-12 A comparison between the advocacy rhetoric of LGBTQ+ movements from different geographical origins
2-13 Analysing the relationship between free will and moral responsibility through Shakespeare's Hamlet and Othello
2-14 Birth, Spread and Evolution of Communism in China from 1920s to present
2-15 Cross Cultural Comparison of Films through Spectatorship Theory
2-16 Effects of the portrayal of police in film on society
2-17 Exploring racial dynamics in Singapore through the works of Alfian Sa’at
2-18 Film Analysis On Transgenders
2-19 How Diplomacy could have Prevented the Vietnam War
2-20 Interdisciplinary studies on the intersectionality of racism and feminism in the past and present in the United States of America
2-21 Understanding the drivers of lone wolf Jihadists in the West
2-22 Machiavellianism in the Trump Agenda
2-23 A Study on Yongzheng
2-24 Israel-Palestine Conflict: Will it ever end?
2-25 Leadership
2-26 Running the World: An Analysis of the Portrayal of Women in Mainstream Pop Music
2-27 Stories of Hwachong
2-28 The impact of the perception of Low Cost Carriers on tourism in Singapore
2-29 An analysis into the impacts the sharing economy has had on the Singaporean taxi industry, using companies "Uber" and "Grab as case studies.
2-30 An analysis of Star Wars films through time
2-31 Kill to Live: Comparative Study of the Portrayal of Cannibalism on Kaneki Ken's Character Development in Tokyo Ghoul
2-32 Magic Realism in Birdman
2-33 Partially Examining the Being-In-Itself
2-34 A comparative study on the metaphorical portrayal of God in Christian Music
2-35 Sanguine Dreams
2-36 Films
2-37 Alternative Attitudes: Raising Awareness of the Philosophical movement of Existentialism
2-38 Trump Card





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