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Cat-11 : Engineering Science
11-01 Automata
11-02 Engineering of bridges
11-03 Paper Circuits
11-04 Shoot to Efficiency
11-05 Comparative study of water sprinklers
11-06 Development of a Science Exhibit
11-07 Pictobot
11-08 Floating Solar Photovoltaic Cells
11-09 Multi-Purpose Floating Structures
11-10 Design and synthesis of strontium and calcium EDTA complexes for biomedical applications
11-11 Low-cost vector network analysis using Fourier transform methods
11-12 Design and simulation of microwave diplexers
11-13 Printed Reflectarray Antenna
11-14 Freezing of Gait Detection in Parkinson's Disease patients using Arduino Device
11-15 Innovative Design of a multi-rotor platform
11-16 Crowdsourced temperature control and automation software by Building Management System (BMS)
11-17 Novel Cobalt Compleses Incorporting amino acid- reduced schiff bases





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