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Group 11-16
Project Title Crowdsourced temperature control and automation software by Building Management System (BMS)

Crowdsourced Temperature Control is a process which regulates the temperature in a particular location such as offices and workplaces to make people in that location more comfortable by sourcing from those people present about how they feel regarding the environmental temperature. In collaboration with JTC Corporation, this project delves into the technology of Crowdsourced Temperature Control.

This project revolves around the Comfy Application, which allows office tenants to cool or warm their spaces, by adjusting the airflow of cool air per unit time into the space. JTC is test-bedding the system in its Summit office building in Jurong.

The project includes a 2 week internship attachment at JTC, whereby a research module on the relevant systems that complement the Comfy Application as well as a survey that evaluates the effectiveness of the Comfy.

This project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of Comfy by applying physics concepts and using the relevant information and data collected to determine the energy and cost efficiency of Comfy and the savings the application brings about.

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