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Group 11-14
Project Title Freezing of Gait Detection in Parkinson's Disease patients using Arduino Device

Freezing of Gait (FoG) is a symptom commonly suffered by Parkinson's disease
patients, in which patients suffer an episodic inability to generate effective step
-ping despite the intention to do so. An aid mechanism alleviating FoG, Rhythm
-ic Auditory Stimulation (RAS), has recently been developed. However, due to
the unpredictability of FoG episodes, RAS has to be on all the time. Over time,
RAS loses its stimulating ability on the patient, thus becoming ineffective. Thus
there is a need to develop a sensor that can reliably detect FoG episodes to acti
-vate RAS only when needed. In this work, a wearable wireless sensor was
developed, consisting an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and Arduino micro
-processor. Gyroscopic data from the IMU is sent to the Arduino, which then
runs the Peak Detection Algorithm programmed with Matlab. The algorithm
analyses the data and allows for many different forms of FoG to be detected,
according to a set of pre-defined criteria. Experimental trial runs demonstrated
the feasibility of the proposed system.

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SOON KAI HONG          4S1
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RANDALL HO YI KIT          4S1
TAM YIK LOCK          4S1