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Group 11-13
Project Title Design of a Printed Reflectarray Antenna
Synopsis This project is about designing a planar reflectarray antenna. By considering the magnitude and frequency of the different waves that are incident on the reflectarray, the design will be conceived. Research was based on computer simulation software and mathematical equations. Sizes of the substrates in the reflectarray were altered based on performance requirements as different depths and sizes of the substrates affected the performance of the reflectarray. In order to improve upon these existing limitations, we propose to design an improved version of the planar reflectarray antenna, taking into account the amplitude of the electromagnetic wave incident on the planar reflectarray antenna, as well as exploring the options of altering the direction of the reflected wave without mechanical rotation of the reflectarray antenna.
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CHEAH CHIEN TZE          4S1
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TAY ING JAEY          4S2