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Group 11-10
Project Title Design and synthesis of calcium and strontium EDTA complexes for biomedical applications
Synopsis Our project is actually contributing partly to NUS professor Eric Chan's study
on strontium
ranelate. Strontium ranelate is a drug that treats osteoporosis but
some patients have been found to develop negative side effects upon use of the
drug.These two aspects here caught researchers' attention. To study on this, we
have to synthesize both pure calcium and strontium EDTA complexes to act as
controls in the study. After carrying out several experiments such as
complexometric titration and recrystallization, we not only learned about the
characteristics of metal complexes, but also improved our experiment
techniques and critical thinking. At the end of the project, pure products of
both calcium and strontium EDTA are successfully obtained, and they will be
provided for Professor Eric Chan's further study.(125 words)
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Team Members
(Names & Classes)
Group Leader:
WANG HONGHAO          4A1
Group Member/s:
LI SIYUAN          3O1
ZHENG YUCHEN          4A2