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Group 10-28
Project Title The Futuristic Thinkers
For the first evaluation,

we did 10 potential problems and

we came up with 4 main

problems. With the 4 main problems,

we crafted our Fundemental Problem.

With our FP, we then came

up with 10 other possible solutions.

We then ranked the solutions with

our Decision making matrix, after that,

we presented our top 4 solutions

to the judges. We also accompanied

them with research so as to

support our main point. We then

selected our best solution, The app Game,

and we decided to make a skit

about it. We prepared props to

make it more linked to the

real world, and interesting. Our App

game entering a Virtual Realm so

that we can reduce the number

of injuries in the elderlies, by

allowing them to experience and learn

different safety precautions such that they

would be able to apply these

in real life. THe reason why

our Virtual reality app game is good

as they would not risk getting
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