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Group 10-17
Project Title SolvProbs
Synopsis Our action plan: "We, the SolvProbs Team, will work with the Government and building contractors to ensure that public areas and malls frequented by elderly have elderly-friendly facilities and amenities that allow easier access and convenience. This will help ensure that elderly and the disabled are more willing to go to these places to run errands and for entertainment. This policy will be enforced in all shopping malls and elderly-frequented areas, and will be tabled for Parliamentary discussion by 2030." Based on the above, we created solutions on how to solve our fundamental problem: "Given that Singapore is becoming a more difficult place for the elderly to live in due to a lack of consideration of the country being elderly-friendly (condition phrase), in what way can we improve the facilities (key verb phrase) so that the needs of the elderly will be taken into account (purpose), thus promoting an inclusive society for the elderly in Singapore by 2050 (future scene parameters)?"
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