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Group 10-16
Project Title Singapore - An Aged Society
Synopsis In the year 2050, the elderly of the society face a huge problem as they struggle to keep up with the rapidly advancing technology that is being used in cities. They face the difficulty of being ostracised due to not being able to use the devices that replace many human roles. As a result, many civilians are annoyed by the fact that the elderly take so long to do their so called ”°everyday things”±. Therefore, this sense of irritation might snowball into more crimes committed against the elderly. We, with the help of the top science and technology institutions in Singapore to prevent these acts of violence from happening. First, we will think of 10 possible problems because of this, and select four most important ones. From that, we will infer what is the big problem and create 10 solutions to counter this problem. From these solutions, we will select the best fitted one, through a criteria that we have made, and derive an action plan. This action plan will be performed in a skit to illustrate what this situation would look like in real life.
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