Hwa Chong Institution (High School)
Projects Day 2017

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Level Lower Secondary
Category Future Trends
Group 10-10
Project Title Reconnect: Helping the generations get together again

We are Project Reconnect, group 10-10 from 1P2. In the year (2050), Singapore has become an increasingly unfriendly country for elderly citizens due to government policies and faster-paced lifestyles. We were tasked with identifying 10 problems, a fundamental problem and 10 solutions to solve the fundamental problem. In the end we had to design a detailed action plan to use and reconnect the elders with the youths! The fundamental problem we identified is that the young developed an ageist mentality towards the old so our action plan was to utilise the advanced technology in the future to build products like soft exosuits called the Re;Born Exosuit which can enhance the elderly's physical abilities so that they can interact with the young through sports and work since they retire at an older age in 2050, allowing the young to look at them from another angle and change their attitudes. Ultimately, the elderly will have better life qualities and lead more active lifestyles.

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Team Members
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Team Leader :
Hu Buyan, Brian 1P2

Group Members :
Tan Sing Kuang 1P2
Ee Zed 1P2
Austin Foo Tang Hao 1P2