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Group 10-07
Project Title Operation Urban
Synopsis It is the year 2050, the elderly are being excluded and alienated from the society, leading
to depression, isolation and loneliness, affecting their psychological health and lifestyle.
We, plan to encourage the elderly to remain active amidst these changing times through
interaction with society’s youths and fostering a better relationship between the two
parties, to improve their psychological health and lifestyle by carrying out specific steps.
First, we identified 10 potential problems from the Future Scenario and formulated a
Fundamental Problem which encapsulates the problems found in each of the 10 potential
problems. Adhering closely to the potential problem, we came up with 10 solutions
of different ways we could solve this problem. Out of these 10 solutions, we used a
Decision-Making Matrix based on 5 criteria beofre creating our
Action Plan.
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Special instructions for
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Team Members
(Names & Classes)
Group Leader:
Kertin Siaw Jun Xin 1A1
Group Member/s:
King Jian Ze 1A1
Tan Teong Kai 1A1
Yu Ke Mi 1A1