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Group 9-18
Project Title CIRCUIT
Synopsis Many existing CCTV systems display data that is tedious to analyse. With multiple CCTV footages being displayed at the same time, it is impossible for the security personnel to concentrate on every single one of them. A threat may not be spotted immediately when it is captured by one of the camera, and the tiring process of sifting through footages one by one lacks attention to detail, which may not effectively provide a quick overview of the situation in the surveyed area. With Hwa Chong being a high-profile institution in Singapore, its surveillance systems can still be improved to identify threats quickly in emergencies and preserve the safety of staff and students.

CIRCUIT, our new CCTV system, seeks to solve this problem by using image detection to locate and track the presence of people in up to 9 CCTV footages, each with assignable operating times, marking them out with rectangles for easy identification. In footages where potential threats are recorded, such as individuals appearing in the camera's field of vision beyond its assigned operating times, an alarm is triggered which alerts the user by flashing a red signal over the CCTV footage in which the anomaly has occurred. The alarm can be disabled once the anomaly is investigated and re-enabled later.

Our group has also integrated a CCTV map of the school into the system. Each location in the area can be assigned a CCTV camera, once they are connected, the number of people detected in the cameras are automatically updated at their various locations on the map. This provides an overview to the general situation in the location monitored by the user. By clicking each location, the user can also access the camera assigned to that location to get a closer look at the situation in the specific area.
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