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Group 9-06
Project Title Allot
Synopsis Allot is an revolutionary tool to facilitate and reform learning. It is a dynamic after school
planner to help you automatically plan out your schoolwork.
It squeezes out as much time as possible so that you have time for revision and hobbies.
If you have sudden change in schedule do not worry!
Simply drag and drop the new activity and the app will organise your activities.
It helps you to manage your time in a way which choose the best possible schedule,
which allows for both play and work.
Allowing users to have fun and at the same time able to complete their work by their
respective due dates. Teachers need not fret over students not knowing how to complete
their homework. With Allot they are able to send homework seamlessly to students
through a website. They are able to specify details such as the importance, duration,
difficulty and instructions about the homework. Overall, Allot helps teachers and students
with its well thought through features.
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Team Members
(Names & Classes)
Group Leader:
MORGAN LEE ZHENG DE          2P2 19
Group Member/s:
NG TZE HAN, BENEDICT          2P2 21