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Group 9-05
Project Title SilverAid
Synopsis Based on information extracted from worldalzreport2015, it states that there would be a new person suffering from dementia every 3 seconds and by 2050, 68 percent of all people living with dementia will live in the low or middle-income countries. Dementia, which people above the age of 65 are more likely to suffer from, causes long-term memory loss. This causes elderly to forget doing important tasks such as taking their medicine or remembering to exercise, leading to an unhealthy life. They might even not remember to consume medication, or might take an overdose. Furthermore, many of the elderly live by themselves and cannot inform or call for medical assistance if they are in pain/ or are sick.

Hence, SilverAid is the solution! The app helps dementia patients remember things more easily. Firstly, the app has an emergency call and message function which allows the user to call or message their family members with a press of a button. Furthermore, the elderly need not remember their children’s number as our app can automatically dial the number that they have previously dialed/messaged. We also have added a Chinese version of the app so that it is easier for the mandarin speaking elderly to use. Moreover, the alarm function in our app can remind the elderly to perform their tasks. Our last function is the dementia test, which can help the elderly to check if they are currently suffering from dementia.
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