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Group 8-13
Project Title Project Thiessen
Synopsis The Thiessen Polygon is a special polygon that exists in many forms of life.
Examples include the patterns in Giraffes, the veins of plant leaves, and in
colourful soap bubbles. In addition, Thiessen Polygons can be found on
majestic constructions and buildings such as the Beijing National Aquatic
Centre. In fact, Thiessen Polygons not only just exist in nature, it can also be
applied in Mathematics. This project investigated on the uses of Thiessen
Polygons and applied these polygons into Singapore's context. Singapore has
limited land space and it is important to use it strategically. One such method
is to incorporate Thiessen Polygons into maps. Using a Voronoi diagram
in Singapore can aid in planning land use in an area. Thus, amenities can be
planned in a way such that each of them covers as much area as possible for
efficient land use.
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Group Leader:
Chew Hong Jin 3S2
Group Members:
Josh Thoo Jen Sen 3S1
Goh Koo Feng 3S2