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Group 08-06
Project Title Poison Wine Challenge
As inspired from a video by Professor Kelsey-Houston Edwards, we introduce to you the Poisoned Wine Challenge. One of a thousand wine bottles is poisoned. You have to discern the Poisoned bottle in exactly one hour, where throngs of guests will attend your party and leave either satisfied or irate, depending on your luck (or skill?) in locating the Poisoned bottle.

You will have ten rats to work with, notwithstanding various assumptions required to pull this off, and one chance to find the Poisoned bottle.

However, It so happens that this problem is ingeniously solved using the simple concept of binary, and this group now presents to you variations we have drafted and solved all by ourselves.
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Team Members
(Names & Classes)
Group Leader:
Tan Ler(1i3)
Group Members:
Tey Yi Fan (1i1)
Axel Tong Cheng Yong (1i1)
Xie Kaiwen (1i1)