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Group 7-36
Project Title Project IDentity 3.0
Synopsis We are Project IDentity. Our Project aims to help these students with
Intellectual Disability through education, such that they would be
able to get a job in the future with the skills that we have
taught them, allowing them to enhance self support.
This is crucial as employment gives people with disabilities financial
freedom and a sense of self-worth as they too are a contributing member of the society.
In addition, our group also strongly believes that there is a
greater need for the society to be more sensitive to those that may
not be as fortunate as us.
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Special instructions for
 evaluator to take note
Team Members
(Names & Classes)
Group Leader:
LIM HAN ZHOU, ARTHUR          4O211
Group Member/s:
FONG KAI JUN          4O203
GOH RON-JAY          4O205
LI CHENGXI          4O210
ZHANG RONGKAI          4O226