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Group 7-29
Project Title Project Eleutheria
Synopsis Project Eleutheria, a team of 4 students, want to make positive change and help in
reintegrating ex-convicts into society. Reintegrating ex-convicts into society allows for
more workers in industries, which allows for more production, leading to increase
revenue for Singapore, furthering Singapore’s success. At the same time it reduces the
risk of ex-convicts repeating their offenses and being sent back to jail again, of which
taxpayers’ money are heavily relied upon. Reintegrating ex-convicts into society also
helps paint a more forgiving and inclusive image of Singapore and Singaporeans, both
a local and global image.

Project Eleutheria has 3 main objectives:
1. Raise awareness on the problems faced by ex-cons
2. Change the negative public mindsets and assumptions about ex-cons
3. Help reintegrate more ex-cons into society
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Special instructions for
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Team Members
(Names & Classes)
Group Leader:
Group Member/s:
TAN SOO YAP          4A1
CHEONG HUEY YEW          4A2
CHEN QIRUN          4S3