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Group 7-22
Project Title Project Aurelia
Synopsis Psoriasis is a hereditary inflammatory skin disease which appears as red patches of skin covered with loose silvery scales that flake off constantly. It does not even have a clear cause and cure. The public has inadequate knowledge of psoriasis and mistakes that it is contagious, hence distancing themselves from patients of psoriasis. Psoriasis patients are being ostracised by the public as their physical appearances are impacted by psoriasis. A common misconception the public has is that psoriasis is contagious because of the red patches of skin they see. The public lacks knowledge of psoriasis and are therefore unable to understand them. As a result, many distance themselves from psoriasis patients, leading to social isolation and little interaction. Hence, Project Aurelia aims to work with PAS to raise awareness of psoriasis by providing more platforms for the public to learn about psoriasis. The public will then understand the disease more, will accept and interact with patients of psoriasis more. Project Aurelia has held many events and activities such as exhibitions and awareness talks together with the PAS. Use of social media platforms such as Instagram has allowed us to spread our message to more people and raise more awareness about psoriasis.          
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TAN ZI YUAN          4S3
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CHENG WEI XUN          4S3
LAU WAI KIT          4S3
THAM KAH JUN          4S3