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Synopsis Project Aspire attempts to inspire students towards passionate service through witnessing the positive impact they can create through their service.

We observe that many students lack passion for continual, sustained service and it is sometimes made a mockery of by our peers as it is deemed as futile. Hence we hope to reverse this trend by showing the true good that can be achieved through such efforts. We hope to show this by changing how activities in camps are organised.

Often, we observe, activities seeking to serve a beneficiary are planned in an way that is not specific or intentional. For example, an activity may seek to "build confidence" or "develop kindness and empathy" or "spread awareness" or "aid in team-building", but when actually implemented it may not really create such a tangible impact. For example, the game of broken telephone may on surface develop communication skills, but in reality minimal learning is achieved.

In our design process, we seek to understand the flaws of existing activities, and troubleshoot them: to seek to understand why some activities just do not work, and thus come up with a list of criteria for activity design to really address the underlying problem.

We went through this process together with student leaders from NYGH, SNGS and RVHS, and our aim was for them to be able to witness the good they are able to create through intentional design, spurring them on to further service.

We organised a 3D0N camp for 40 P4-P5 underprivileged children from the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) in June.

After the camp, CDAC's feedback was that the children really enjoyed the camp very much. Our survey results for the children post-camp showed that our target of building confidence based on teamwork, resilience and creative problem solving had indeed been achieved.
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