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Group 7-18
Project Title Golden Hourglass
By 2030, one in five Singaporeans will be above the age of 65, that means that every one of you here probably would have a senior citizen in your home.

Communication between the different generations is of utmost importance, yet this is lacking in many households today. To demonstrate the severity of the issue, we have conducted an investigation during our house visits.
Approximately 70% of them find it difficult to communicate with youths and 60% are not exposed to any form of IT skills at all.

Given the two issues, we Project Golden Hourglass aim to utilise an integrated approach to increas elderly-youth interaction through common interest. Here are what we have already done.Firstly, IT courses introducing basic smartphone and computer usage.Secondly, field trips to Singapore Science Centre and Asian Civilisations Museum intergenerational bonding.Thirdly, home visits to show our concern for elderly in dire financial situations.And finally, publicity efforts to update the community about our progress and initiatives!A survey done by us shows that 86% of elderly found our lessons useful, and 64% found them helpful in increasing the interactions between the elderly and the youth.Do play your part to contribute to an inclusive society. With that, our group presents to you Project Golden Hourglass.
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RYAN HO YAOQI          4A2
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JADEN TAY LIN EN          4O2
YANG TIANHAO          4O2
YE YANSONG          4P2
JANG YUHO          4S2