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Group 7-05
Project Title Project Budaya
Synopsis In today's society, racial harmony and
inclusiveness are becoming increasingly
important. Especially for future leaders
in Hwa Chong Institution, who are
predominantly Chinese, understanding
cultures of other races is important in
leading and managing in a multicultural
society like Singapore. Project Budaya
aims to engage students to understand
more about Malay culture, by providing
platforms to learn, and opportunities
for them to interact with members of
the Malay community.
Our activities also consist of a blend
of different elements, such that they're
more interesting and engaging to
the audience. For example, our Science and
Culture activity appealed to the audience
who were interested in science, but still
allowed them to learn about Malay culture.
We hope that at the end of these
activities, students will be more aware of
cultural differences and be more inclusive
towards members of the Malay community
when making decisions in the future.
This will help them become more
culturally intelligent leaders, who are
able to work in a diverse society.
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Special instructions for
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Team Members
(Names & Classes)
Group Leader:
CHANG ZHE MING          3A1
Group Member/s:
LIM CHONG YAO          3B1
NG YONG QIAN          3O2