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Group 7-01
Project Title Project A3
Synopsis Project A3 stands for animal abandonment and adoption, and we are working closely hand in hand with our beneficiary, Causes for Animals Singapore (CAS).

As a group we noticed that there were many underlying problems and issues such as the rising trend of pet ownership as a symbol of affluence, and the unawareness of demands of pet ownership (time and money) that are essential to keeping a pet, and the misconceptions of the general public that adopted pets are inferior to bought pets. As such, we came up with our area of concern, which is that there are insufficient financial resources available to non-governmental organizations, increasing number of abandoned pets but a lack of people willing to adopt pets, and the unawareness of the importance of adoption rather than purchase.

Our service objectives for this project is to obtain the targeted funds for CAS to further finance projects on adoptions and abandoned animals as well as to raise awareness of the need to adopt than to buy and the dire consequences of abandonment. The learning objectives that we have set to achieve at the end of this project is to coordinate and work with external organizations, learning to work with others while playing to their strengths and improving on their weaknesses, the learning of the various channels and methods of fundraising and organizing of events, the learning of the various channels and methods of fundraising and organizing of events, as well as the different ways to raise awareness among members of the public.

Our achievements to date is that to raise awareness, we conducted 3 runs at public parks, distributed bookmarks and posters to 11 other schools, organized a booth at the library, completed a video, social media, as well as gave out placards to the public during Animal Day conducted by our beneficiary. To raise funds, we completed 2 Chateraise cream puff sales, organized 2 lucky draws and participated in the Animal Day where we conducted flag day among members of the public.

From the activities conducted in school, we managed to raise a total of $500.90 for our beneficiary where the funds would be cascaded down to comprehensive uses crucial to the functioning of the shelter.

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