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Group 5-22
Project Title From My Heart
Synopsis From my heart is a creative arts project done by 5 secondary 4 students. We embarked on this project mainly because of our passion and interest to create a product which we could look back upon after we graduate from this final year of projects. Therefore, we decided to try something which at first seemed a rather daunting task, but one which would be certainly worthwhile and meaningful. There are many aspects to a kinetic visual novel and it is certainly not a simple feat to combine the different forms of art, notably visual, audio and literature into a seamless product. However, we believe that working together as a group, we have been able to create a rather successful visual novel in the end. This is a coming-of-age story that focuses on the theme of family bonds, and follows the main character as he goes through struggles in his life. However, his father was always there to guide him through tough times, and this can instill the importance of family relations and support in readers. Towards the end of the story, the main character finds out that his father had passed on, dealing a huge emotional blow to him. But instead of wallowing in self-pity, he realized that he could not always rely on others and had to learn to face this adversity on his own now, and become the pillar of support for his aunt. As such, readers can look at how the main character develops over the story, from when he was always shielded by his father to when he is the one standing up for his family, and from this make them want to root for the main character. The visuals, mainly character designs and backgrounds, are detailed and intricate, which create a fitting atmosphere for our visual novel to take place. The music, comprising both of instrumental background tracks as well as two vocal songs as opening and ending tracks, explore the different ways of conveying emotion and purpose through thoughtful arrangement and composition.
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Group Leader:
NG WEI'EN, LUKE          4B1
Group Member/s:
GU HAOCHENG          4B1
TEO KAI SHENG          4I1
KEITH TEO EE GENE          4S2