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Group 5-21
Project Title ReFlection
Synopsis Our project aims to use various art forms, such as surrealistic illustration, to showcase the wide array of evolving identities in our inner minds. We begun by exploring ideas such as surrealism, the inner mind and soul, and concepts about conflicting identities within oneself, the idea of mirrors and what kind of meaning they carry, and surrealism, which was a movement put forth as the interpretation of reality from the dream, unconscious, magic and irrationality. As a combination of real or unreal images, both in time and in space, surrealism gives importance to the paradox, absurdity, forfeiture, destruction, and mysterious. Objects and shapes are cleared of its traditional meaning and the observer is disoriented, not knowing what to expect. Our product consists of a single acrylic painting on canvas of the size 32 inches by 32 inches. It will portray a scene, where a person is looking into a piece of broken mirror, and he sees different identities of himself in each piece of the broken mirror, which are in conflict with one another.
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LEE YUXIAN          4I1
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KIM MINSEO          4I1