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Group 4-99
Project Title World War 1: A Soldier's Diary
Synopsis This is the web report for Project Group
4-99, WW1: A Soldier's Life. As history
students, we have noticed that our history
textbook and curriculum about the 20th
century makes scant mention of the event
that shaped the 20th century, which forged
the century of modernity in blood and iron
-- The Great War. It was the seminal
catastrophe, the first domino in the events
of the 20th century. It caused Hitler's seizure
of power, America's ascent to World Power
status and the creation of the first socialist
state, the Soviet Union. WW1 irrevocably
changed the world of the men who fought
and lived through it, and many current
conflicts stem from this war. Yet, we have
noticed that our fellow Hwa Chong
Students, even history students know close
to nothing about WW1 other than it caused
WW2 and some archduke got killed. We
went into this project knowing the
difficulties of teaching WW1. It is a conflict
that seems far away and irrelevant to many
people. and from a narrative perspective, is
tough for most people to swallow. There is
no good versus bad, no Allies versus Nazis.
All sides commited terrible atrocities and
sent millions of young men to their graves.
There is no black or white, only a million
shades of grey. We aim to rectify this
problem and give students a more in-depth
understanding of the Great War. We have
created an informative website which
contains basic information about WW1 as
well as more in-depth information on the
topics. Apart from that, we created an
interactive text-based roleplaying game
which includes the narration of soldiers'
lives in the different fronts. Our target
audience is secondary 2 to 4 HCI students.
This web report will give further insight into
our project by covering our objectives, a
literature review, the results of our pilot
tests, methodology, the links to our website
and game, our reflections and bibliography.
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