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Group 4-87
Project Title A Slice Of History
Synopsis Learning history can be a challenging and boring task for students, especially with the
immense amount of memory work required to remember events and dates.
Our project could potentially increase studentsí interests in history and
reduce their stress when it comes to
preparing for history tests and exams.
As question answering techniques are the basics
and foundation when preparing for a history exam, we have introduced
an online platform that contains simple notes and tips,
revision and learning of answering techniques.
What sets our website apart from history textbooks is our focus on
answering techniques and simplified notes as opposed to chunks of text.
Our website is easily accessible with studentsí mobile phones,
allowing for portable revision and allows students
to easily share the website with their friends.
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CHANG WEN KAI††††††††† 4P1
YEOW MIN FENG††††††††† 4P1