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Group 4-82
Project Title Project Translation

Welcome to Project Translation! Our project is a collaboration program with Science Center Singapore(SCS) . Knowing that SCS requires help in translation of their courses from english to chinese. We have helped to translate their product into Chinese. In addition we have come with new experiments for this course to make the course even more customizable. To add on toour main product(translated course) we have created a pre~course introduction in our web report which contains information on the course that is easily accessible by 

SCS. They would be able to utilize these information

to improve their product or attract customers to the course.

Link to start page Click HERE to access web-report
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Team Members
(Names & Classes)
Group Leader:
YAN JING KANG          3B1
Group Member/s:
HE TING          3B1
SIM JIT YONG          3B1
YUAN TIANYI          3B1