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Group 4-54
Project Title Service at Your Fingertips
Synopsis We are Service at Your Fingertips, a group that is dedicated to creating resources, for both CIP and Service Learning projects. We have a broad scope of resources, from tuition resources that can be used for CIP for children, to tips on organising events for Service Learning projects. The information are from reliable sources, such as from HCI's archives. One highlight of our project is the interviews we have conducted with 4 Service Learning groups, and the whole transcription is available on our website. The interviews will contain important learning points that the Service Learning groups have learnt, and will certainly help future Service Learning groups. Our resources also help students to organise their own CIP and CEP projects, such as for those who wish to organise a class or CCA CIP.
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Team Members
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Group Leader:
JIANG ZHIHENG          2I3
Group Member/s:
LEE XING YU          2I3
TAN JIECONG          2I3
YU WENHAO          2I3