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Group 4-49
Project Title Project Heritage
Synopsis We are a group of four Hwa Chong Institution Students embarking on a project that involves educating the younger generation on the Indian and Malay culture so that they can respect and understand the 2 cultures more. Our main focus is on their exotic food, performing arts and the history of these cultures. We hope that through our project, students will better appreciate the Malay and Indian culture in Singapore. Our Resource Package consist of a 5 day long Sabbatical Course and a total of 3 videos. Our Target Audience are Hwa Chong Students aged 13-16.Our objectives are to improve students knowledge on the other cultures in Singapore, clear common misconceptions on the different races, equip them with the knowledge for their future jobs as they have to interact with people of different races and prevent misunderstanding from occurring between the students of different races (especially during exchange programs). We also want to make them further appreciate the existence of the Malay and Indian culture.
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Team Members
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Group Leader:
TANG YU JOHN          2A2
Group Member/s:
NG JUN YING          2A2
TEO MASAKI          2A2