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Group 4-39
Project Title A kid's guide to fake news
A kidís Guide to Fake News aims to promote awareness of fake news in the minds of
teenagers. We hope to educate our viewers through videos, infographics, quizzes or
websites and allow them to attain the ability to differentiate truth from the false, this will
allow the truth to be more widespread and accepted by the public. Our products are
specially catered to Secondary 1 and 2 students and we hope to attract
more of these viewers.
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Team Members
(Names & Classes)
Group Leader:
LI JIANGHUAI††††††††† 2A1
Group Member/s:
CHEN JIN HAO††††††††† 2A1
DYLAN WEE LEE HON††††††††† 2A1
FAN RYAN††††††††† 2A1