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Group 4-30
Project Title Debateasy: a resource for CA Debates
Synopsis Debateasy is a Category 4 (Resource Development) project that aims to give lower secondary students a richer and more meaningful experience in their Current Affairs (CA) debates. Through research comprising of online resources, CA adjudicator surveys, personal observations, student surveys and focus group discussions, we noticed that students struggled in CA debates, namely, its three categories used for scoring - content, style and strategy. Thus, we embarked on this project to improve the proficiency of these CA debaters. Our objective is fulfilled through Infographics, Video Analyses, Frequently Asked Questions, Additional Resources, Debaters' Dictionary and a Blog. Through multiple pilot tests, many students have acknowledged that the resource helped them gain a better understanding of debate, and will refer to it when preparing for CA debates in the future. Thus, it can be seen that Debateasy is a success and is effective in reaching its goal. (145 words)
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