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Group 4-20
Project Title The importance of respect
Synopsis Our project is about teaching and inculcating the values of respect and good manners into Primary 1 students so that they could practice these values on their own in the future. Our package consists of a few posters and booklet which has a brief description of respect and manners. The booklet also consists of an activity for the Primary 1 students to do. Some pages of the book has boxes in it which the students would have to tick off whenever they exhibited these values. We decided to work on this project as we have found out through personal experience and research that teachers have problems such as having rude and disrespectful students. Thus we have created this package to help.
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LIM HONG YI, GENE        ?1A1
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CHAN WEIBIN        ?1A1
LAW YU XIANG        ?1A1