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Group 3-18
Project Title Walking Walrus
Synopsis With the ever-increasing population of the elderly in Singapore, we see that there is a need to come up with products designed to help face the inevitable population explosion, and thus the inevitable increase in the number of Singapore citizens over 65 years of age . After a few rounds of research, our group has identified that the one of the most pressing problems that the elderly faces in today's society is mobility, mainly climbing stairs (this after another round of decision making) That said, our group has come up with the idea of creating a walker, that, unlike other walkers, has the ability to adjust itself according to the height of stairs, and thus allow the elderly to climb stairs with greater ease.
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Team Members
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Group Leader:
Peng Zikang (1O3, 22)
Group Members:
Bennett Ho Cheng Xun (1O3, 01)
Javen Justin Suki (1O3, 15)
Joon Kew Cheng (1O3, 16)