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Group 3-15
Project Title Satisfying the Thirst
Synopsis Around the globe, 663 million people suffer from the lack of potable water, with either only contaminated water to drink or worse, no water at all. Women and girls in Africa spend an average of 6 hours everyday collecting water for their family, and precious time is lost. This problem is bound to worsen with the prevalence of global warming, and despite various efforts, this is still a significant problem in tropical third world countries.

Our solution is an affordable, cost-effective water filter that utilises the concept of desalination to create potable water from contaminated water. The water retrieved from the filter is 100% clean and is safe for consumption, and will assist households in their needs for water.

How it works is that water evaporates at a relatively fast rate with the help of the design of an evaporation chamber. It then travels through PVC pipes into the condensation chamber, and then it will condense there as clean, drinkable water.

A simple, yet effective method for households to use and bring them water for the entire family.
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