Zhang Zhuoyang (1A1) (L)
Sherlock Li (1A1)
Sigmund Koh (1A1)
Justin Khor (1O2)

Teacher Mentor:
Chia Kean


To help those with Parkinson’s disease and elderly to cut foodstuff safely and easily in order in give them a sense of independence in the kitchen

Problem Statement:

People who had Parkinson's Disease could not hold things steadily, and this will affect their safety if they have to hold things that might injure them eg. knives, scissors

Needs Analysis:

There are about 6000-8000 people in Singapore who have Parkinson's Disease, and this is a big target audience.

Summary of Project:

Our project is a chopping board that has a rotatable and slideable cutting platform which allows the user to cut at angles. It also has a fixed knife to ensure that it does not shake around easily and injure the user. The knife and cutting platform are also detachable to make cleaning of the board easier. The project's objectives is to help people diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and give them a sense of independence in the kitchen.

  • Limitations:
  • Product is heavy
  • Knife edge is not sharp
  • Cutting of tough food is harder
  • Conclusion:
  • New board will be specially designed for those who are unable to hold knives steadily
  • Will have better design, more special features and more space for cutting than existing solutions
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