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Group 3-08
Project Title Elderly-friendly clothes hanger stand
Synopsis Do you grandparents live on their own? Do they have trouble with daily chores like putting the clothes out to dry and bringing them in? Well, we have the solution for that! Our team has created a clothes hanger that will aid your grandparents in doing just that. This stand helps elderly as they just need to push and pull the pole out of the window and into the house after drying the clothes. Keeping the stand is also easy as the pole would just have to be put to one side while the stand can be pushed to any corner on wheels. Presenting to you, the stand that helps elderly dry clothes!
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Team Members
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Group Leader:
Leonard Neo 1A2
Group Members:
Kohlmann Lee 1A2
Jonas Lim 1A2
Ng Yu Zher 1A2