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Group 2-36
Project Title Films
Synopsis We are Tan Yee Hoong and Long Ming Wei and our web report is on thrillers.
In our web report we analyse several popular thriller books which we
did during the June holidays and made our own short thrillers and our analysis
on them which we did from July to August. We made sure that the
thrillers we selected were thrillers which are easier to analyse and have a simple
to understand plot to ensure that the information we relay in our website is easy
to understand and learn for our target audience.
We chose a website as the medium for our final product as it is more easily
accessible and saves printing time and paper compared to doing
our final product in hardcopy format.
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Team Members
(Names & Classes)
Group Leader:
TAN YEE HOONG          4O2
Group Member/s:
LONG MING WEI          4O2